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Replacement Toner Cartridges for Dell 330-1433 330-1436 330-1437 330-1438 FM067 FM064 FM065 FM066
Replacement Cartridges Item# Pages Price 4-Pack
High Yield Black Toner Cartridge
Replaces Dell 3301436 3301416 (FM064 P237C)
330-1436-SE 2500 $17.99 $53.99
High Yield Cyan Toner Cartridge
Replaces Dell 3301437 3301417 (FM065 P238C)
330-1437-SE 2500 $17.99 $53.99
High Yield Magenta Toner Cartridge
Replaces Dell 3301433 3301419 (FM067 P240C)
330-1433-SE 2500 $17.99 $53.99
High Yield Yellow Toner Cartridge
Replaces Dell 3301438 3301418 (FM066 P239C)
330-1438-SE 2500 $17.99 $53.99
Mix & Match Toner Cartridge 4-pack D2130C-SE     $53.99
* Ready to use - no refilling necessary
* Cartridges may be New Compatible or Remanufactured OEM
* Covered by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship
* Cartridges are only shipped to the 48 contiguous states of the USA...Shipping is free

Printer Toner Cartridge Refill Kits by TonerKits
Refill Kit Includes: 4-Pack Special Includes:
1 - toner refill 4 - toner refills of your choice
1 - reset chip 4 - reset chips
1 - pouring spout w/cap 1 - pouring spouts w/caps
1 - set illustrated instructions 1 - set illustrated instructions
Refill Kits Kit# Pages Price Case (10)
Black Toner Refill D2130Cb-2 2500 $23.99 N/A
Cyan Toner Refill D2130Cc-2 2500 $23.99 N/A
Magenta Toner Refill D2130Cm-2 2500 $23.99 N/A
Yellow Toner Refill D2130Cy-2 2500 $23.99 N/A
Mix & Match 4-Pack Special D2130C-4pk N/A $71.97 N/A
* Mix & Match 4-Pack Special - Get 4 refills for the price of 3
* Choose any combination of 4 - default is one of each
* Refill kits and accessories are shipped worldwide
* Shipping is free to all US states and territories

Accessories (optional) Item# Pages Price Case (10)
Black Reset Chip D2130Cbc 2500 $9.99 N/A
Cyan Reset Chip D2130Ccc 2500 $9.99 N/A
Magenta Reset Chip D2130Cmc 2500 $9.99 N/A
Yellow Reset Chip D2130Cyc 2500 $9.99 N/A
Pouring Spout (5pk) PS-1 N/A $5.99 N/A


Premium professional grade toner refill. This toner produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. Each factory sealed bottle contains one pre-measured refill specifically formulated for use in the cartridges and printer models shown below. Our refill kits and accessories are intended to be used with original OEM cartridges only.

Refill Method Overview:
Simple instructions show where the existing factory fill hole is located. This hole can be used to refill the cartridge easily. Only a screwdriver and pliers are needed.
Refilling time is approximately 5 minutes.

Compatible with the following cartridges/printers:
330-1433 FM067 330-1436 FM064 330-1437 FM065 330-1438 FM066, 330-1416 P237C 330-1417 P238C 330-1418 P239C 330-1419 P240C, 2130C 2130CN

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