About Us

TonerKits was established in December 1999. At that time, TonerKits was the culmination of 15 years in the imaging industry...first, as a tech service company, then as a franchised dealer and finally as a printer cartridge remanufacturer. We were the first to bring do-it-yourself printer toner refills to the public in a big way via the Internet. Refilling printer ink and toner cartridges was a new market in the recyclng industry and very popular at the time. New competitors began to pop up everywhere.
After nearly 20 years of providing printer toner refill kits to do-it-yourselfers, we added ready-to-use, new compatible and remanufactured OEM printer toner cartridges to our product line. Finished printer cartridges give our customers another supply option for their printer. In many cases, the low cost and time saving convenience of choosing a finished printer cartridge makes more sense.